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Jett Engineering Racing Accessories

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6 Oz. Standard Bubbleless Tank
(Jett-24 4 Oz.)




6 Oz. Slim Bubbleless Tank
Fits the Viper

6OZ slim



6 Oz. Oval C/G Bubbleless Tank

6 Oz. Comparisons

Fuel and air never mix in the tank no exhaust residue in the fuel.
The Result: No fuel foaming and no lean runs! Run to the last drop!

The Jett Bubbleless tanks are easy to install and use in both Quickie 500 and QM-40 airframes. The Bubbleless technology will give you perfect engine runs. You will not have bubbles in your fuel line that make the perfect engine settings impossible to find. Just a solid stream of fuel to your engine. The Jett Bubbleless tanks come with tubing and fuel line installed.
nothing Super Tanker Fueler

10 Oz.
Super Tanker


Filling all of the Bladder type tanks is much easier with the Jett Super-Tanker. It is a one-step process that evacuates the air and fills the Bubbleless Tanks in one operation. The Jett Super-Tanker comes with tubing and fuel line installed

Tanker Fueler Rebuild Kit
Rebuild kit for the Super Tanker Fueler above -- JETT-31


            Jett Engine Test Stand

To properly break-in a new racing engine, your first few runs should be on a solid test stand. After the first couple of runs on the test stand they are ready to put in an airplane to finish the break-in process. If you do this, your engines will run better and last longer.

When a big race is coming, you should check your engine on a test stand with a known test prop. You will then be able to tell if your engine is running as well as it should.  You can also find which of your engines are the best and should be in your number one airplane.

Also running your engines on a solid test stand is the only condition that you can get a consistent reading for the engine performance, or prop readings you are looking for.

Remote Needle
  The excitement of starting and adjusting your needle on the starting line is a tense time. Those hands shake a lot, and having 2" more between your prop and your needle valve is a great safety feature.

Shown are the remote assemblies mounted on Jett engines, but the installation is the same on Jett, Nelson, or Edmunds engines. You will find that these needle assemblies will give you a better needle setting than the assembly you have been using and the needle valves do not wear out.

Either backplate or exhaust mounted or for different applications, see below..

Jett-21 Universal Assembly
Jett-22 Firewall Mount

Remote needle

Jett-23 Remote Exhaust Mount




Collett for Nelson Engines (required for HB spinners)


Q40 Spinners

All of the Jett spinners fit Jett, Nelson and DK engines. They fit the Jett engines with the stock Jett collet.
The other two take a different collet and nut set. The collets are on the site item number JETT-N. These fit the Nelson and DK engines. All three engines take a different nut set. All are in stock.
Please specify in the comments on the order what engine you are using when you order a spinner.



1.5" Q40 Counter Balanced spinner


1.75" Q40 Counter Balanced spinner


2.00" Q40 Counter Balanced spinner

hotJett/DCRC Motor Mount with Remote Needle Assembly
Mounts "Fuel supply nipple to be installed by user. It can be used in either position as shown on the photo. The other hole is blocked with the 6/32 set screw that is included. When installing the nipple and set screw, use blue Loctite to make sure that it seals. Be careful not to block the hole in the nipple and treat it gently. It is small and can be broken off if over tightened.


Also, the needle clamping system is much better. Once you have your tension adjusted for the needle, it does not change.I have never broken a needle valve except in crashes.

Here are the new remote mounts offered by DCRC and Jett Engineering. The advantages to theĀ intrigal mount and remote are several. The most important is that it will get your fingers away from the prop while you are adjusting your needle valve. I have been using the back plate remotes for years in my Q40's.They have always worked perfect. The Jett needle assemblies have always been very linear and much softer than the stock needles that come with the engines.

The new construction JETT-07 mount has a thicker mounting surface to give you a little more secure and stiffer engine mount. The mount for new installations of the firewall is .093 longer than the standard Jett Q40 mount. That is longer between the firewall and the spinner back plate.

Bottom line is, save your fingers from the props while at the same time get better needling and performance from the new Jett Q40 motor mount with the remote needle installed. You will wonder why this new innovation was so long in coming.

JETT-07 New construction remote mount.


Jett Motor Mounts


This is the engine mount of choice for most of the Quickie 500 models being raced today. It is  the proper size to meet the Quickie 500 rules as written. It will give you the best transfer of power from the prop to the airframe, because of the solid mount and the flush fit for the entire firewall to the engine. Everyone should be using this mount on their Quickies, most already are.


The mount on the left is the Quarter 40 beam mount that most are using. The one on the right is a short mount. It is used to convert the old QM backplate mounts to a beam mount. It is also a great mount for Quickie 500 for those that like to have the engine mounted on the beams.

Not available


Jett Bearing Toolclearclear

Having the proper tools to replace the bearings in your engine is good insurance that you will not distort your case while replacing the bearings.


Click here for instructions

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Q500 mount

Square for Nelson/JETT/Edmunds

55.00 each


Q40 mount

Fits :Nelson/Jett/Edmunds

60.00 each


Q40 with Remote

Mount with Needle Asm. .093 longer

110.00 each


Remote needle

Nelson back plate style

35.00 each


Remote needle


35.00 each


Remote needle


35.00 each


Remote needle


40.00 each


Bubbleless tank

4 ounce round bladder tank, Standard

30.00 each


Bubbleless tank

6 ounce round bladder tank, Standard

30.00 each


Bubbleless tank

6 ounce oval C/G bubbleless tank

30.00 each


Bubbleless tank

6 ounce slim bubbleless tank

65.00 each


Jett Collett

Collet for Nelson and DK Engines

10.00 each


Q40 Spinner

1.5" Counter balanced Spinner

55.00 each


Q40 Spinner

1.75" Counter balanced Spinner

70.00 each


Q40 Spinner

2.00" Counter balanced Spinner

75.00 each


Super tanker

Fueler for all bladder tanks

50.00 each


Super tanker Kit

Rebuild Kit for Super Tanker

18.00 each


Test stand

All metal secure engine test mount

95.00 each


Bearing tool 

Nelson bearing assembly tool

30.00 each

  updated 3-4-2024