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Supplies for Support and Maintenance

Flight Line Tools and Support Supplies
To Support Your Flying Needs


Pro DriverMKII

DCRC Platinum Pro-Driver
Mark III

Pro Driver MKIII

The DCRC Mark II is all new. It is still a higher output unit, but it also incorporates a new feature. The timed switch is has a 3 minute timer instead to the 60 seconds of a standard unit. It also has an on/off slide switch. The racing adaptor is sold separately.

What this switching system does for you as a racer is:

Lets you turn on your DCRC Pro-driver when you get to the line to make sure that your plug is good and that you have a good connection. Then you shut off the slide switch to save on your battery and glow plug. When the clock starts, turn on the slide switch. You are ready to start.

After the 3 minutes is up, the timed switch shuts down the unit so that you do not run the batteries down.

The DCRD Mark II is powered by an LiFe 2100 Mah battery supplying hours of worry free driver usage

The DCRC Platinum Pro-Driver, pictured at the right. Is 1/3 the size and weight of the original "Orange Box" and has a 1100 NiMh power pack. It comes packed with the charger to properly charge the DCRC Platinum Pro-Driver. It can also be charged with your NiMh peak chargers.

The DCRC Platinum Pro-Driver is activated by a push button that turns it on for a one minute interval. Removing the possibility of leaving the unit

It is fitted with the Sonitronics standard glow plug clip. You can get them in longer lengths and just plug them in. We also have a "clip on" racing clip that will simply plug in the DCRC Platinum Pro-Driver for you."

These DCRC Pro-Drivers are not the same that you see advertised for the sport fliers or the pattern fliers. These units have the output turned up, so that they will properly light a Nelson Plug or a Glo-Bee for maximum performance. It will also work well for the premium glow plugs that are used in our racers for the 424 class. The DCRC Pro-Driver is becoming the glow-driver of choice for all racers. The unit is compact and reliable. It is easily charged with chargers that you already have.

The specially designed LED display replaces the traditional analog meter. It is much more tolerant to rough treatment. The high impact molded nylon case is designed to be nearly indestructible. The optional special plug attachment on these units is designed for our racers. It clamps to the cooling fins and attaches to the top of the plug. The standard glo-plug clip is also available.

You will no longer have to wonder about the condition of your glow plug before you take it out. You will soon learn how many of the LED lights will light on the good or a new glow plug that you are using. To check your glow plug before a heat, just attach the DCRC Pro-Driver and count the lights. If your normal amount of lights is on, your glow plug is still good. If the unit is showing no lights or too many, then there is also a problem. Pull the plug and check or replace it.

With 2400 Mah Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

This is a very special DCRC Pro-Driver. It was developed especially for the F3D International FAI Pylon event. The unit has a 3 minute timer for the on/off switch, a toggle switch and a potentiometer.
It has fully adjustable heat range. A must for the heavy duty Glo-Bee plugs from Andreas Kaiser. These heavy duty plugs take additional current to light them properly.

With this FAI Pro-Driver you can go to the line, connect your plug, push the timer button, verify the proper current draw by counting the LED lights, then turn the unit off with the toggle switch until it is time to start. You can leave DCRC Pro-Driver attached until the flag drops. The automatic timer will shut it off after the 3 minutes.

Clip Racing clip for the Sonitronics connector  SPD-11

Losi 6 Volt Regulator


Continuous Maximum Current: 5A
Input Voltage: 7.2-8.4V
Input Connector Types: Universal receiver female connector
Output Connector Types: Universal receiver plug
Length: 1.1 in (28mm)
Width: 1.1 in (28mm)
Height: 0.22 in (5.7mm)
Weight: 0.3 oz (8 g)
BEC Voltage: 6.0V +/- 0.1V
Auto Cutoff: No
Thunder Power Pro Lite V2 Pro Lite V2 Lipo
Pro lite Type: LiPo
Capacity: 730mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Connector Type: JST
Weight: 1.38 oz (39g)

Small Fuel Filter

All classes of racers should be filtering their fuel at the source of fuel and in the airplane. The problems that occur from not filtering affect all classes of racers. Sport 40, 424, 428, to FAI all will benefit from using the micro filters.

Spray bar clogging can be real pain in the butt. The smallest amount of dirt can create problems. You can get the crud from not keeping you SuperTanker clean, or from others contaminating the fuel at contests. Even if you filter your fuel and keep your equipment clean, others may or do not.

Small Filter

Be more consistent. Install a micro fuel filter in all of your racers.

The filter is 1/4" in diameter and 7/8" long.

I have been using the micro filters for many years. They are important for consistency in your racing program. Tiny little things in your fuel system can mess up your whole weekend... Remember how small the space around your spray bar is. It does not take much of a spec to give you a lean run and ruin a good engine. Or you go to the line and you have to open your needle from the last run because you can tell it is too lean. You open the needle and run back. As soon as you get in the air, the clog works its’ way through and you are blubbering rich for the other 8 laps.

The filter must be on the needle side of your fuel system. You must also fill the tank before the filter. My installation is easy. I fuel from the outside of my airplanes and need a fuel line joiner anyway. I use the filter as the joiner. See the photos.

I prepare my filters by a liberal coating of Lock-Tite on the threads and then tighten them. I used to put a piece of large fuel line over the outside, but have found that a good coating of the thread locker does the job just fine. Once in awhile, I remove the filter and back flush it just to get the crud out of it

Racing Engine Prop Rings

These prop inserts are a must for all APC Quickie and Q40 Carbon racing props. When you use these inserts, your racing propellers will be in balance. No need to even check them. The crank holes in composite props are drilled rather than being molded. The drilled holes are drilled from a guide hole, but as hard as they try, the drilled holes are not perfect. The molded recess in the back of the props are perfectly. This is even more important when you have to ream or drill your props to fit your crankshaft size. These inserts fit the mold recess on the back side of the props, so the drilled or reamed holes do not matter. There are two different sizes, so do not get them mixed up. These are for the 5/16" cranks only.

The inserts for the Quickie will stay with the crankshaft when the prop is removed and the Q40 insert will stay in the prop. Both are reusable

You will be pleased with the smooth running of the engines with the Alignment Ring, and not taking the time to balance the APC propellers.


QKE-03 Prop ring for Q500 engines

QKE-04 Prop ring for Q40 engines

QKE-10 B2 Italian Plug Heavy Duty. Q500 and Q40 10mm

QKE-13 Nelson Red Plug for 426 racing

QKE-15 Nelson/Jett Muffler Gasket

QKE-010 2 piece GloBee .010" heavy plug


SPD-14 Glo clip for Merlin plugs

Back Plate Mount

40 Motor Conforming mount 2.25"

Fits All 40 size engines:
Thunder Tiger, OS, Evolution 46, Webra, Nelson, Jett, Magnum etc.


Also see Jett Mounts
click here

QKE-1125-10 Merlin
Style .010" coil
for Nelson Engines.

QKE-2016 Merlin 2016 Globee
Style flat coil for TT Pro 40 Engines.
Standard 1/4" thread. These work great in those motors


















Spinner Nuts

These spinner nuts for Quickie or Sport are the right shape for your starter to grip properly. Notice that they are contoured to fit APC propellers. We have them in two different thread sizes that fit most of the most popular engines.

QKE-11 will fit Nelson engines or any engine with a 5/16"-24 crank size.
QKE-12 will fit most of the popular .25 to .46 engines that are being used, with a crank size 1/4" x 28."


Aluminum Q500 Landing Gear


Are your Quickie landing gears spreading and require straightening after every than perfect landing? These are your answer without spending your lunch money.

These Quickie landing gear are tempered after they are made. You will find that they are light and very strong. They do not bend and hold like most aluminum landing gear. They are the right size for almost all legal Quickie airframes.

The measurements are 2.75" high, 7.625"wide, and have a 2.25" x 1.25" mounting plate."


Carbon Fiber Q500 Landing Gear
click image for additional view


These are the ultimate in Q500 landing gears. They are made in a mold and come either with pre-drilled holes or with out holes. They do not bend and flex on landing to return to the original shape. They are the right size for almost all legal Quickie airframes.

The measurements are 2.75" high, 8" wide, and have a 2.25" x 1.1875" mounting plate."


Looking for tight straight running wheels? Here is the answer!

Ball Bearing Wheels

BBW-01 blk Standard aero shape ball bearing wheel

BBW-05 blk Flat one side ball bearing wheel

These wheels include axels, screws, wrenches ans instructions for mounting on flat stock landing gears.



Ball Bearing Wheels

Streamline Racing Wheels
and Axels

Streamline Wheels and axels

Top of the line racing wheels by Streamline






We also Carry Tape

Blenderm for Electric Hinges

Blenderm Tape

Are you tired of the tape coming loose on your electric flying surfaces? This is the only tape that really works on all of the foam airplanes for hinging. It is thin, flexible and has a very aggressive adhesive. It stays where you put it. Use it on all electric airplanes that use the tape to hinge the flying surfaces with tape. Have a roll in your tool box and you can use it as intended to patch up cut fingers!

QKE-07 1.0" width

3M Racing Tape

3M Tape

We carry the 3-M tape used in racing to cover hold downs, wing screws, hatches etc.The pictures above show various sizes, but we only carry the most commonly used width of 3/4".

QKE01 3/4" width



Bob Smith cyanoacrylates

IC-2000™ CA
Medium 1/2 Oz
Rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate that forms superior shock resistant bonds on non-porous surfaces. The black colored CA has added flexibility for the bonding of metals, fiberglass, rubber, carbon-fiber and other advanced materials. For model use, IC-2000™ is ideal for the bonding of bulkheads, formers and servo rails to the inside of fiberglass hulls and fuselages. Setup time is 20-40 seconds, which can be accelerated with INSTA-SET™. When cured, IC-2000™ is pliable enough to be carved with a hobby knife.

Water-thin viscosity that wicks deep into joints by capillary action and cures in a matter of a few seconds. Surfaces to be bonded must be tight fitting and should be held together while you apply the CA around the edges of the seam. At the moment CAs cure, they give off a vapor that can irritate the nose and eyes, so be prepared. Thin CAs work very well on balsa since they penetrate into the wood and form more than just a surface bond.

Foam Safe Oderless
Medium 1/2 Oz

This foam safe oderless
CA for assembling foamy airplanes.


For another IC-2000
Application click here.

You will change your glueing habits. Anywhere you are using Ca now, that the black color does not show, you will probably start using IC-2000™ for its' extra strength. It is great for plywood, hardwood, metal, rubber, or almost anything you want to fasten permanently.










Foam Safe Oderless
Thin 1/2 Oz


This foam safe oderless
CA for assembling foamy airplanes.


BSI Inst-Set CA
Accelerator 2 oz







FAI F3D , Orange

DCRC FAI Pro-Driver MK II 2400mAh



Racing, Orange

DCRC Special Pro-Driver MK II
with 2100 mAh LiFe (needs LiFe charger)


SPD-06 Standard, Yellow DCRC Platinum Pro-Driver
these have off button and are turned up for Nelson style plugs,
SPD-11 Racing Glo-Clip Platinum Glo-Clip 15.00

Losi Regulator Losi 6V regulator



TP Pro Lite Thunder Power 730 mah 7.4 volt LiPo


TNC-01 TNC Tach All New FROMECO Tachcrometer 140.00



Iwata Miniature Spray Gun


W101 Detail W101 Spray Gun 235.00



BSI IC-2000™ CA 1/2 Ounce Medium



BSI Insta-Set

BSI Insta-Set CA Accelerator 2oz



BSI Insta-Cure™
1 oz

BSI Insta-Cure™ Thin CA 1 oz




BSI Foamsafe CA 1/2 Ounce




BSI Foamsafe CA 1/2 Ounce Medium




Racing tape

3.00 each


Quickie 500

Prop insert ring

1.50 each


Quarter 40

Prop insert ring

1.50 each


Glow Clip

Glow Clip for Merlin Plugs

12.00 each


B2 Italian Plug

Heavy Duty Q40 10mm

9.00 each


B2 Italian Plug

Heavy Duty Q40 10mm quantity of 25 or more

8.00 each


Nelson Red Plug

Nelson Red Plug for Quickie 426

12.00 each


1" width

Blenderm hinging tape

3.50 each


Nelson Spinner

Spinner Nut 5/16"x24 crank shaft

10.00 each


Standard Spinner

Spinner Nut 1/4"x28 crank shaft

10.00 each


Fuel Filter

Small Fuel Filter 1/4" dia.

8.50 each


Muffler Gaskets


3.50 each


Shut-off tubing

Medium thin wall tubing for fuel shut-off

5.00 each

QKE-20 Torque Driver Engine Torque Driver 99.00 each
QKE-24 Bearing Tool DCRC Custom Bearing Tool 30.00 each


Landing Gear-Al

Q500 Landing Gear

20.00 each


Landing Gear-CF

Q500 Landing Gear Carbon Fiber
with pre-drilled holes

29.00 each



Non Ball Bearing

25.00 pair


Wheels BB

Ball Bearing Standard Aero Shape

35.00 pair


Wheels BB

Ball Bearing Flat on one side

35.00 pair



Streamline wheels with T-ring

108.00 pair



Axel set for wheels above

4.00 pair

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