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Bearing Removal Tool

Bearing Assembly Tool



The way we use these tools to replace your bearings is easy. The engine must be taken apart to the bare case and bearings. Place the case in the oven and set it for 275 degrees, for about 15 minutes. When it is up to temperature, remove the case from the oven and tap the backplate end of the case on a flat board. The rear bearing should drop out on the board. If it does not, use the removal tool to take it out. The front bearing can be tapped out with a dowel.

Place the new rear bearing on the assembly tool. Place the case on the assembly tool while it is still hot. The rear bearing should slide into place. Put the new front bearing on the end of the assembly tool and use the brass bearing seat to push it in place. You may tap the brass end gently, to make sure that the bearings are fully seated.

Let the case cool until it is easy to handle. Install the crankshaft. Put the drive washer on the crank and a prop with the prop-nut. Tighten the prop-nut. The crankshaft should be rolling free in the bearings and there should be a little end- play in the bearings. If it feels tight or you cannot feel any end play, tap the back end of the crank with a dowel and a mallet. Tighten the prop-nut again, and then tap the end of the prop-nut with the mallet. If you have done everything correctly, the crank should be rolling free in the bearings and there should be enough end play in the bearings that you can feel itů










Bearing tool 

Nelson bearing assembly tool

25.00 each


Bearing tool

Nelson bearing removal tool

25.00 each


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