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Tettra Bubbless fuel tanks

The Tettra Bubbless tank has been the standard fuel supply for many years. The Formula One racers started using them in the early 90's. From there they went to Quickies and then to Q40. Bubbless tanks are found in most all of the racing airplanes today.
Bubbless tanks have the advantage of supplying a constant fuel supply to a racing engine with no chance of an air bubble or fuel foaming. The tank has a hard outer shell that is rigid. Inside of that is a latex bladder that collapses as the fuel is used from the tank. The pressure is between the hard outer shell and the soft bladder.
The Tettra tank in the picture is ready to wrap and install in a racer. Notice that there is only one outlet for the fuel and a pressure tap at the bottom. Taped to the bottom of the tank is a tongue depressor. It is there to keep the tank from moving too far ahead and collapsing or damaging the fuel lines against the firewall.
We stock the Tettra tanks in 4 different racing sizes. The 3 and 4 oz. Tettra tank (TET-00, TET01) is for the 424 or the APRA class of racers. These airplanes do not use as much fuel for a race and do not need to carry as much fuel for a race. (Weight)  Next is the 5.25 oz. Tettra tank (TET-05). It is used by many of the experienced racers. With these, you must start late and be flying under 1:20 times to be assured that you will have enough fuel to complete the 11 laps of a heat. If you want the security of the extra oz of fuel, then the 6 oz. Tettra tank (TET-10) is your best choice. The 6 oz is also used for the FAI racers.
The process for fueling is simple. You must first evacuate the air from the bladder and then put the fuel in the tank. We use a Jett Super Tanker (JETT-30) to make this a one-step process. You first fill the Super Tanker with enough fuel to fill the size of tank you are using.  Then attach the Super Tanker to the line running to the carburetor on your engine. Suck all the air out and then push the fuel in. One operation with no danger of leaving some air in the tank… Very simple.

Do yourself a favor, use a bubbless tank in your racers. It will make your equipment more reliable and your engines last longer. The engines do not like the heat generated by bubbles in the fuel-line.

All tanks have the same girth; 1-5/8" tall x 1-7/8" wide

Length without the neck:

5.25 ounce 4-1/4"
6 ounce 4-3/4"






5.25 oz.

Tettra Bubbless tank

35.00 each


6 oz.

Tettra Bubbless tank

37.00 each


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