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Racing Propellers and APC Propellers


We have all the latest and original APC Carbon Racing propellers in stock
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Typical Carbon Fiber Prop
Carbon Props

APC Sport Props


These prop inserts are a must for all APC Quickie and Q40 Carbon racing props. When you use these inserts, your racing propellers will be in balance. No need to even check them. The crank holes in composite props are drilled rather than being molded. The drilled holes are drilled from a guide hole, but as hard as they try, the drilled holes are not perfect. The molded recess in the back of the props are perfectly. This is even more important when you have to ream or drill your props to fit your crankshaft size. These inserts fit the mold recess on the back side of the props, so the drilled or reamed holes do not matter. These are for the 5/16" cranks only.


QKE-04 Q40, OD is .375 APC racing prop inserts

Nelson plugs and muffler gaskets





QKE-04 Q40 APC Racing Prop insert ring 1.50 each

Tapes used by modelers

Racer tape! This is the preferred tape for racers. It is used for holding cheek cowls on FAI, covering bolt holes, belly pan seams, or stopping the dreaded flutter. It has been around for many years, but has been very difficult to find in retail stores. You will find that it will stay in place until you want to take it off. Then it will come off in one piece and leave your paint or shrink covering in place.

Price 3/4" 3.00 per roll

Blenderm Surgical Tape

Are you tired of the tape coming loose on your electric flying surfaces? This is the only tape that really works on all of the foam airplanes for hinging. It is thin, flexible and has a very aggressive adhesive. It stays where you put it. Use it on all electric airplanes that use the tape to hinge the flying surfaces with tape. Have a roll in your tool box and you can use it as intended to patch up cut fingers!

Racing Propellers
Carbon Prop
We have a complete selection of racing carbon props and a limited quantity of the
The original APC 7.4x7.5C & 7.4x7.6C in stock
See the table below







8.8 x 8.5

Quickie (Heavy air)

3.25 each


8.8 x 8.75

Quickie (Most used)

3.25 each


8.8 x 9.0

Quickie (Next most used)

3.25 each


8.8 x 9.25

Quickie (Travis Flynn record)

3.25 each

APC-16 8.75 x 9W Quickie 3.25 each
APC-17 8.75 x 9.5NN Quickie 3.25 each
APC-19 8.75 x 8.5N Quickie (Gino prop) 3.25 each
APC-20 8.75 x 8.0N Quickie (Gino prop) 3.25 each
APC-26 8.75 x 8.75W AMA 424 Short Course 3.25 each


9 x 6

424 legal Quickie prop

2.25 each

APC-23 Large Hub 7.4 x 7.6 Q40-2 AMA Legal Prop Q40 8.00 each
APC-22 7.4 x 7.5C Prop Q40 Original APC 9.00 each
APC-18 7.4 x 7.6C Prop Q40 Original APC 9.00 each
APC-24 7.4 x 7.7C AMA Legal Prop Q40 9.00 each
APC-28 7.4 x 8.0C AMA Legal Prop Q40 9.00 each


Racer Tape

Racer Tape 3/4" wide



3M Tape

Blenderm tape 1" Wide

2.50 each

Q40 APC Safety Notice
APC Notice


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