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DCRC is introducing the Ninja to the racing community. The Ninja is an AMA legal Quickie 500 all composite airplane.

They are in stock ready for immediate shipment. At last you can have a competitive racer shipped to you when you need it and not have to wait for 2 months or more to take delivery on your model.

The finish quality is excellent. They are very complete. The Ninja comes with carbon landing gear, predrilled to match the installed blind nuts in the fuse. The firewall has the blind nuts installed ready to accept any of the square conforming mounts that come on the racing motors or the DCRC mounts for the Thunder Tiger 424 racers. There is a bag of goodies that contains all the hardware necessary to put your airplane together. All the wing bolts, balls and sockets for the elevators and ailerons.  There are also two servo trays included. They are different sizes for the most popular servos for racing being used today. They also come with a one piece wing.

I painted the wing trim on my Ninja with the finest of spray equipment available, two rattle cans of Krylon that I picked up from Wall-Mart for a total of $6.00. The paint worked great and only added one tenth of an ounce to the wing. I did take a hard lesson, on the stab. If you are going to paint on top of new paint, don’t do it. It curdles. Either give the paint a week or so too really cure or butt the second color to the first. The paint seems dry in a half hour, but is not cured.

The finished weight of my Ninja, ready to fuel is 3 pounds 9.5 ounces.  That leaves 2.5 ounces for wing weight and repairs later if needed.

Try one today. You will not be disappointed.

Be sure to save the box that they come in. The boxes are extremely durable and you can use them to ship your racers to contests time after time.


Ninja Yellow   $525.00
Ninja White    $525.00
Ninja Red       $525.00

Shipping in US       1 or 2    $35.00
Shipping outside of US        $Call
This price is for one or two Ninja’s in one box.
Other items for your Ninja
1/8"Carbon fiber PushRods
Dubro 2-56 threaded rods
Jett conforming mount (fits TT40 Pro)
Predator style engine mount (fits TT40 Pro)

Q500 spinner
Tettra Bladder Fuel 5.5oz Tank or Jett 6oz Bladder Tank
Racing wheels
Super Tanker
PowerSaver After-run oil
Racing Tape








Q-500 - White

All Composite Q-500 V-Tail

525.00 each


Q-500 - Red

All Composite Q-500 V-Tail

525.00 each


Q-500 - Yellow

All Composite Q-500 V-Tail

525.00 each



Shipping  We can ship 2
for the same price    

$35.00 USA or

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