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Sweet-V All Composite Q40


Many of you have seen the Quality of the Ninja. The Sweet V is even a step up from that. The quality of the Sweet V is even more exceptional the fits are perfect. It is set up to take the new long Jett mount. It needs a tank, wheels, carbon rods and a couple of short evenings to get it ready to fly. You will need to paint some trim on it or decorate it with vinyl. They will be available for shipping around the middle of March, then as soon as the pipeline is filled, they will be in stock and shipped immediately as needed. You will not have to wait for a great airplane.

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As close to "Ready to fly" kit as you will ever get. Ready to RACE in a couple of evenings, plus paint or trim.
One-Piece Wing and All Surfaces are Skin-Hinged
Removable "V" Tail- All Molded Composite.
All Torque Rods in Wing and Tail are installed.
All Screws, Ball Connectors are INCLUDED
The servo tray for the elevators is molded into the fuse.
The servo tray for shut-off and switch is included.
Front motor mount tie-down is included.
The firewall is installed and drilled for the Jett long mount.

The airplanes will be offered in 3 colors. Red, White, and Yellow

Price: $575.00 plus

Shipping in USA                    $35.00
Shipping outside of USA ------- $Call      
This price is for one or two Sweet-V's in one box


Other items for your Sweet-V
Carbon Fiber Sweet-V Landing Gear
2" Jett counter balanced spinner for Nelson engines
Jett flat tank
1/8"Carbon fiber PushRods
Wheels and axels
Super Tanker
PowerSaver After-run oil

Racing Tape

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