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Tools for Setting Up and Maintenance of Your Equipment

------ Super Accurate Digital -------
------ Racing Engine Measuring Tool -----

toolbox Stop Guessing!

This is the easiest method and accurate tool to be able to duplicate your engine setup. When you make a change, you will know that it will be the numbers that you want. There is no need for charts to read your engine settings. Click the link at the left below for detailed instructions on engine setup.


             Front Bearing Installation
Bearing Tool
After removing the bearings, set the crank on the short piece and use the longer pieceto seat the rear bearing on the crank. Picture to right. Then, while the case is still warm from removing the bearings from the case, slip the crank with the new rear bearing installed in the case. Slip the short piece into the back of the case and line up the crank pin in the hole in the short piece.

Slip the front bearing on the shaft and use the other end of the long piece to push the front bearing in place. Tap the front bearing in with a soft mallet. Not hard, just enough to make sure that both bearings are completely seated in the case.Picture above. When you finish putting it together, you will have just a little end play in the crank."

Bearing Tool

"DCRC Bearing Installation Tool"

I have been using this tool for the last 7 years. Everyone that has seen me use it wanted one like it. I finally found someone to make them for me. One of the neatest features of this assembly tool is that it assembles your motor on the part that it is going to be used with, not a substitute. It makes for perfect alignment.

The tool is quite simple, but very effective and efficient. First step is to remove the bearings from your engine. Place the case in the oven and set it for 275 degrees, for about 15 minutes. When it is up to temperature, remove the case from the oven and tap the backplate end of the case on a flat board. The rear bearing should drop out on the board. If it does not, use the removal tool to take it out. The front bearing can be tapped out with a dowel.

             Bearing to Crankshaft
Bearing tool2


Model Aircraft Spray Guns

Paint Gun

Pictured is the latest model of the Iwata miniature spray gun line. Model number LPH-50. It is an exceptional tool for painting our smaller items. It does not require a large compressor, as it only uses 1.8 cubic feet per minute to spray. Being an LPHV spray gun, it produces very little over spray. The paint that you spray goes on the surface that you are painting, not in the air.

Click here for
Painting Tips

Iwata LPH-50 Miniature Spray Gun

This miniature spray gun has almost a 4" spray fan. For the kind of painting that we do on our models, that is more than enough. It also has two air adjustments on the gun. One at the base of the body is to adjust total pressure and the other adjusts the fan size. The fan adjustment is a great feature. With this, you can go from a full fan to a round spray. The round spray is the same spray as you get with an airbrush. There is also a trigger limit that controls the amount of paint and air that passes through the spray head. With all the controls that this gun has, you can do many things with it.

You can put on a base coat, then cut the size of the fan down to paint stripes. If you want to do some fading, just turn the fan off and turn the paint flow down. No need to get out the airbrush. You already have it in one miniature spray gun, the Iwata LPH-50. This is a miniature gun that could have been designed for us as modelers. It fills the bill.

This spray gun is also gravity fed. As occasional users, this has some special benefits for us. For the small projects, we can mix ½ ounce of paint and the gravity cup will use it all. It makes it perfect for using small batches of paint for the small jobs. The can holds 4 ounces and can be filled for the larger projects.

Cleaning. I do not disassemble my guns to clean them. I pour lacquer thinner in the cup to first clean the cup and the outside of the body. Then I flush and back flush the nozzle and chamber with fresh lacquer thinner. Putting your finger over the spray nozzle, while you are spraying the lacquer thinner does back flushing. I repeat the process until the lacquer thinner no longer picks up any of the color just painted. That is it… Then, I pour a couple of ounces of thinner into the cup and hang it up. It is ready for the next painting project. This may not be the recommended way of treating your spray gun, but it works. I have been using my other Iwata spray guns for about 5 years, and have had no problems with this system. They all work like they did the day that I bought them.

The retail price of the Iwata LPH-50 is: $495.00.
Our price on this fine miniature spray gun is $255.00!

Iwata W101 Spray Gun

The W101 is a detail gun. It is a small high quality spray gun, but is larger than the LPH-50. I personally have both and use them for the different purposes. The LPH-50 is fantastic for trim and smaller items, but it will also paint larger items with more time and paint. The W101 is great for larger pieces or planes, but can be turned down so that it will do a good job on smaller parts and trim colors. As a base coat gun or a clear coat gun, it cannot be beat. The W101 has a larger fan and will lay the paint on quickly and more evenly with less paint.

The ideal is to have both guns. But if you only have one, choose the one that will meet most of your needs. Either will do both jobs, but each will do better on the projects that they are sized for.






FAI F3D , Orange

DCRC FAI Pro-Driver MK II 2400mAh


SPD-06 Standard, Yellow DCRC Platinum Pro-Driver 95.00
SPD-11 Racing Glo-Clip Platinum Glo-Clip 15.00
TNC-01 TNC Tach All New FROMECO Tachcrometer 140.00



BSI IC-2000™ CA 1/2 Ounce Medium




BSI Foamsafe CA 1/2 Ounce




BSI Foamsafe CA 1/2 Ounce Medium



10 oz Spray Can

CA Activator Foam Safe





Racing tape

2.25 each


Quickie 500

Insert ring

1.50 each


Quarter 40

Insert ring

1.50 each


Nelson Plug

Heavy Duty

5.25 each



Blenderm hinging tape

2.50 each


Nelson Spinner

Spinner Nut 5/16"x24 crank shaft

10.00 each


Standard Spinner

Spinner Nut 1/4"x28 crank shaft

10.00 each


Muffler Gaskets


3.50 each


Conforming Mount 2.25"

One Size Fits Almost All

18.00 each

QKE-24 Bearing Tool N DCRC Custom Bearing Tool Nelson 35.00 each
QKE-24 A Bearing Tool J DCRC Custom Bearing Tool Jett 35.00 each


Digital Measuring Tool

Deck and Head Spacing

85.00 each


Landing Gear AL

Q500 Landing Gear Al, 1/4" Rake

13.00 each


Landing Gear AL

Q500 Landing Gear Al, Standard

13.00 each




Non Ball Bearing Aero Shape

17.00 pair


Wheels BB

Ball Bearing Standard Aero Shape

27.00 pair


Wheels BB

Ball Bearing Flat on one side

27.00 pair



Streamline wheels with T-ring

6.00 pair



Axel set for wheels above

3.50 pair

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